Christmas has come early for me and I got myself a new toy. I’ve wanted to play around with one of these for ages, but the battery life, size and volume has always put me off.
But a moment of insanity tipped me over the edge.

I can now add the DJI Mini 3 Pro to my list of gear, and add video editing to my list of half-baked skills!

Seriously, my mind was blown multiple times yesterday. First of all, 100m up in the air is absolutely wild. That’s so high! And it is absolutely rock solid - the gimbal and any stabilisation they’re doing is amazing. Then, wow this thing moves - in sport mode it absolutely screams along. The video in 60fps looks super smooth but when it whizzes past you, you can really see how quick it’s going.

Then after all that, I literally popped the memory card into a card reader and put it straight into my iPad, and edited the clips in LumaFusion directly from there. No lag, no processing, just instant. I’m super impressed - the iPad Pro 12.9 with the keyboard/trackpad folio thing is a beast, and with the pen and the touch screen it’s a really cool and easy workflow. I can get into that and I’m definitely going to try my next batch of photo editing on it in Lightroom.

I’m hoping to get some really cool stuff filmed with this, and then get into colour grading and learn about pacing and framing and show how beautiful New Zealand is.

A new weapon in the arsenal, but my god I need cheaper hobbies!