It’s my summer of adventure, and it has kicked off with - if you’ll pardon the pun - a splash.

After being fairly stuck indoors last year, I’ve made a promise to myself to make sure I get outside as often as possible! With that in mind, today we took the boat and the jet ski out to the clearest water out of all the Rotorua lakes, the always-stunning Lake Rotomā, and had a little play in that crystal clear water.

Everyone and his dog had the same idea today too though, so it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it there, and all the crazy rain we’ve had raised the water level by at least 2 feet, which halved the amount of bays we could use!

Still, we stole our way into a quiet, sheltered bay and set up for an afternoon in the sun.

The kids had a great time playing in the sand and it’s always good to hang out with some of our favourite people. And I got a bit of time to play with the drone too! I launched from and landed on the boat, which definitely aren’t the easiest things, but still, success!

I need to invert the direction of the gimbal as I get that wrong 100% of the time and have to re-shoot constantly! Next time, I’ll get more footage and get more practice in, and I’ll be busting out another new toy to have a go with the GoPro! How much faith am I going to put in those suction mount things? Find out, in the next episode..!