We took a family trip to Waihi beach on the weekend. The last time we attempted this with the little one, he was super ratty and really wasn’t feeling it - we had to turn back! This time, with mud under his gum boots and us carrying all of his stuff for him, he nailed it 💪

From the main Waihi beach, it’s about an hour’s walk (with a 4 year old!) through the woods. You’ll get muddy, you’ll get hot, you’ll lie to the kid more than once that it’s just around the next corner.

But then you’ll get there.

It’s a beautiful, shaded, secluded beach. The little one can play, your partner can sunbathe, and you can practice your drone flying while dodging angry birds who think you’re after their eggs.

I’d highly recommend this trip. Just time it with the tides so you don’t get caught out as you head to and from the main beach or you’ll get wet! And watch out for jellyfish - we saw 3 or 4, so eyes peeled.