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    And now for something completely different..

    Christmas has come early for me and I got myself a new toy. I’ve wanted to play around with one of these for ages, but the battery life, size and volume has always put me off. But a moment of insanity tipped me over the edge. I can now add the DJI Mini 3 Pro to my list of gear, and add video editing to my list of half-baked skills!

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    Sunday December 25, 2022
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    My gear so far

    To start out, I’m using: Canon EOS 750D Canon 18-135mm lens Okko 67mm polariser iPhone 14 Pro Max Jeep Gladiator 2021 Sport S 💜 I do my editing in Lightroom, but for my next mission, I’ll be moving to Darktable. I’m pretty sure Margot is my only audience, but she’s a big fan!
    Sunday November 20, 2022